BK car service

Our newly opened car service disposed of modern equipment. Thanks to this we are able to provide the best care for your car. Thanks to our professional staff, we are able to provide you with services in the field of vehicle diagnostics, all mechanical and motor repairs, tire service, preparation for MOT, MOT processing, replacement of windshields, etc.

We value your trust and therefore we pay attention to every repair with the utmost care, whether it is an older or new car.

We value every client and want you to always come back to us. Therefore, before accepting a car for repair, we record each vehicle in our records, where we then take note of defects that are repaired on the vehicle, intervals for changing fluids, validity of MOT, etc.

Thanks to this, we are able to inform each of our customers in time about the necessary actions on their vehicle. Before each repair, you will receive an order from us, specifying what will be repaired and an approximate budget that we will never exceed without your knowledge. Therfore, you will not be surprised at the cost of the repair after it is completed.